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> Citizenship & Off-Campus Life

Citizenship & Off-Campus Life

As an office, we strive to help all students understand their rights, responsibilities, and opportunities in the immediate, local, national, and international communities.  Examples of our engagement in the local community include neighborhood cleanup projects, voter registration drives, and interaction with community leaders and neighbors.

Good Neighbor Policy

One of our goals with our off-campus residents is to help introduce them to what it means to be a “good neighbor”, and to fully understand what is involved with living in a community.  Providence College is an integral part of the Elmhurst neighborhood and the City of Providence, and our students are members of both the College and local community. Respect and concern for the dignity, well-being, and property of members of the local community is essential.  Learn more about our Good Neighbor Policy in the Student Handbook.

Please see below for information about the citizenship programs and opportunities available to Providence College students.